Retail is a dynamic and effective tool to truly understand the current state of the marketplace. Out stores are a live 3D presentation of the brand and offers instant feedback from our customers. Our retail stores provide a daily report as to what products are working best and what needs improvement. It gives us first hand information about what’s trending in the market and what people are asking for. Retail is a valued resource for our development of product lines and executing on brand messaging.

From its first retail operation, Chalice Farms has been about creating a different experience for consumers. With new users as our target demographic, we set forth to create a retail environment that is inviting, welcoming and not intimidating. The original design has a northwest theme, with wood paneling for a warm and comfortable home feel. Similar to the Apple store model, products are featured in island stations with with a raw wood edge. This floor model provides a counter top for our store personnel to interface with customers, without a counter top between them. The mission is to connect with new users and have conversations that answer any and all questions.

As the retail store design evolves, our lobbies will be an engaging space with shopping non-dosed products and merchandise. Customers will also be able to literally see through windows into the main sales room so that it feels accessible and friendly.

We are also planning to have a coffee bar in the front room to make visiting Chalice Farms a community destination. We envision a space that is a safe and fun place to spend time with friends, with the opportunity to spend time becoming fully educated and informed about the optimal cannabis products for each customer.

Our product specialists are highly trained in all the products offered at each retail location. Their active and ongoing education prepares them for any customer from first time visitors to high end connoisseurs. The wide array of products changes frequently so updates are critical for each product specialist to know each product extensively. This is the high standard that Chalice Farms stands by.

Jackpot GLH Branding
Jackpot GLH Branding