GLH strives to be a leader in in the industry with advanced practices in all aspects of cannabis. Adding to its grow facility in Canada, Bald Peak exemplifies Golden Leaf Holding’s mission to be at the cutting edge of innovation with its facilities.

Chalice Farms was launched with many years of growing experience from its original founder, William Simpson. William spent 8+ years learning from some of the best growers in the industry – truly getting his hands in the dirt to understand the intricacies of this amazing plant and ways to achieve its full potential starting with the seed. That initial focus has evolved into a grow and production operation that is unparalleled in the industry.

Bald Peak is a state-of-the-art grow facility just outside of Portland in the western foothills. Implementing the most advanced techniques in growing, from advanced water systems, to light deprivation to automated nutrient distribution, Bald Peak is the intersection of technology and organic agriculture. Designed by Elad Spiegel with his formative education of cannabis cultivation in Israel, the GLH facility at Bald Peak is a bold step forward in curating premium cannabis.

With the recent abundance of grow facilities and overproduction of flower in Oregon, the GLH grow is less about producing a crop, and more about investing in innovation. Our modest grow facility is a living lab for GLH to be fully prepared to mobilize the most efficient and effective technologies as we scale outward into new states and countries with impending legalization. We learn from growing – and are able to stay ahead of the curve with a dynamic and versatile operation – clearly an advantage in the near future.

Beyond producing a true reserve quality harvest of flower, Bald Peak offers hands on knowledge of what it takes to produce excellent cannabis. We don’t want to just be current, we want to be ahead of the pack.

Jackpot GLH Branding
Jackpot GLH Branding
Jackpot GLH Branding