The key to success in a fast growing industry is to stay current with market demands offering innovative and effective products. GLH’s retail operations offer real time, daily interactions with customers which informs what products are working and in demand. Our innovative product lines not only address the current market, but look forward to emerging trends to be early to market with unique products with excited branded packaging.

Our goal is for our product lines to offer something for everyone in both our retail and wholesale markets. With a focus on cultivating new customers and new users, we developed a cartridge oil line that is effects based. The user does not have to know anything about cannabis to choose a product but rather identifies his or her desired outcome, such as improved sleep, more energy, full body soothe, overall calm or recovery to find the right match. Our effects-based products can be consumed in carts or edibles, both easy on-boarding methods. With new users in mind, our Fruit Chew line offers the ability to micro-dose, and has expanded to be a best seller among both new uses and seasoned consumers alike. Each flavor has its own ratio of THC:CBD, with our popular green apple chew being only CBD. The real fruit flavors, added special wellness ingredients and beet sugar sweetening make this line a more healthy and conscious way to consume cannabis for all.

Recognizing the desire in the market for a high dose edible, we quickly pivoted to create a 50mg chew named Blast! with up to 10 times the potency of our most popular chews, Blast! has been a big hit out of the box, especially with the more seasoned experienced user. Our Fruit Chew line, with its lower dose chew to the higher dose Blast! demonstrates our ability to bring the optimal product to each individual regardless of cannabis experience.

For the more regular user looking for a balance between price point and quality, we have a products that offer a diversity of terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Many of our customers are familiar with cannabis and its diversity of properties and outcome. We offer revolving strains, terpenes and flavor profiles for this more familiar customer that has a good idea of what works best for him or her.

We also have products for connoisseurs in the market. Our full spectrum live resin product offers a full entourage effect. For this high end product, we source top tier flower and take it through the process of creating a potent, full spectrum live resin.

Our research and development are tapped into our relationship with customers. We find this daily information to be an invaluable resource as we continue to expand our products lines.

Jackpot GLH Branding
Jackpot GLH Branding
Jackpot GLH Branding